Aichi Employment Consultation Center (AECC)

Aichi Employment Consultation Center (AECC)

Free professional support
for employment and labor-related concerns and questions

What’s Aichi Employment Consultation Center (AECC) ?

Aichi Employment Consultation Center (AECC) is established to support entrepreneurs and business growth of startups and newly-formed companies by providing a free consultation from a team of professionals including Lawyers and Labor and Social Security Attorneys with extensive experience in the area of labor management.

They will give advices by using `employment guidelines` which clarifying employment rules and regulation, to help prevent individual labor-related disputes.
*Please note that we do not respond to cases that have already been disputed

Examples of Consultation Contents;
-Hiring, Recruitment, Retirement
-Difference in labor contracts
-Working hours and wages
-Laws of Work Style Reform
-Harassment …etc

Our Service

All our services are free of charge.

  1. Consultation
    We are located at Nagoya. If you would like to consult with English speaking attorneys, we strongly suggest to make an appointment in advance of a visit.
    We also offer a consultation via Telephone or Email or Video Call (ZOOM)
    We make house calls (on-site visits at your location)
  2. Seminar
    Our highly evaluated online seminars are held with wide variety of labor-related themes.
    Please check the upcoming seminar information and send a registration request!
    Participants can get informative seminar materials.


Point 1
Human resource and labor professionals will solve your problems free of charge
Lawyers as well as labor and social security attorneys will answer questions from both employers and employees.

Point 2
We provide
strong support to
startup ventures
Specialists who are skilled in supporting
startups and entrepreneurs will be available for support.

Point 3
Foreign language support
is available
We can offer support in languages
such as
English, Chinese, and Korean.

Point 4
free seminars
We hold seminars that cover a wide range of topics, from labor fundamentals to the latest laws and regulations.